This estimate summary covers all the main construction categories.
This real-world cost data format will help you in your estimating efforts. Check back regularly as we update these every few months!
Final Production Location Offshore West Africa. Fabricated in South East Asia – Towed to West Africa. A great benchmark tool for checking various costs per ton.
Highway costs
Cost Estimates

Order of Magnitude Road / Highway Costs

Costs include Clearing, Excavation, Stone, Tarmacadam / Paving, Concrete, PC Concrete, Reinforcement, Form work, Structural Steel, Safety Barriers, Labor, Construction Equipment, Detailed Design & Construction

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oil & gas industry benchmark 1
Tools & Resources

Oil & Gas Industry Benchmark # 1

Petro-Chemical & Gas Facilities – Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Benchmarking Data: (Data collected from 12 completed EPC projects in USA & Canada) Typical Benchmark

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