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Compass International, Inc. is a professional commercial construction cost estimating and consulting firm established in 1992 to provide services to Owners, Financial Institutions, Design Professionals and Construction Organizations.

Compass International services include the publication of eight annual Industrial and Commercial construction cost data yearbooks, project and construction management, estimation reviews, audits, and validation services, as well as value engineering, strategic planning, and in-house training for up to 25 mid-senior level staff.


July to September 2022

In just 3 months, the Global Economic and International Construction growth picture has turned negative while fighting rages in Ukraine, and high inflation/energy has increased. Unfortunately, the longer the conflict lasts, the longer we will be faced with this predicament. 

2022 will continue to be a challenging year for the global construction industry, supply chain problems, sky-high inflation, material shortages, the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the resurgence of COVID in some countries, and the possibility of a global recession are the major challenges as we move into the 2nd half of 2022.

Some economic experts are saying we are now in a global recession; this would increase unemployment rates and could be the event that causes many construction projects to be canceled or delayed.

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