Web-Based Seminars

Web Based Estimating Training Seminars for Owners / Operating Companies & Corporate Engineering Groups:

Owner Companies / Corporate Engineering personnel will learn estimating methods that will produce accurate Class 3, 4 & semi-detailed estimates that will reduce the possibility of CAPEX Project cost overruns, save CAPEX funds & minimize the possibility of overlooking critical Scope of Work items.Companies can eliminate expensive staff travel costs and hotel expenses when Compass International presents a web based training seminar.

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Web Based Training Seminars

A. Estimating International Construction Projects (1 Day or 2 # 4 hour modules): This seminar utilizes Compass International’s latest Global Construction Cost Yearbook that details current engineering and construction costs in 101 countries. Topics include: engineering & field labor rates / productivity, local material costs, square meter / square feet unit cost for various building types, current & historical inflation rates, location factors, plant hire costs, exchange rates, local taxes, transportation costs and much more!

B. Front End / Conceptual Estimating Methods (1 day or 2 # 4 hour modules): This training program utilizes Compass International’s most recent Front End / Conceptual Estimating Yearbook. The seminar covers Oil & Gas Facilities, Refineries, Chemical Facilities, Power Plants, Manufacturing Buildings, Metals Production, and LNG Facilities & Ethylene Plants. This course will teach the attendees Ratios, Major Equipment Multipliers, Exponents, Semi-Detailed and other Front End Estimating time saving methods that can be used to validate or compile Class 3 & 4 type estimates.

C. Pharmaceutical / Clean Rooms / High Tech Manufacturing / Food & Beverage Facilities Estimating Methods (1 day or 2 # 4 hour modules): This seminar uses Compass International’s latest High Tech Facilities Cost Yearbook. Participants will learn how to estimate R&D Buildings, Animal Testing Facilities, ISO 3 thru 8 Classified Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical / Bio Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Facilities, various production / manufacturing equipment, special architectural finishes, process piping systems and much more.

The above training topics can also be presented / offered in a full day or half day modules, we are flexible and can combine / modify the above & tailor a program to your specific needs.

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The 3 Key Objectives of these training programs are:

  1. To give attendees a better appreciation & understanding of Cost Estimating Methods & Applications & the required engineering deliverables that are required to produce an estimate.
  2. To improve each individual’s knowledge, skills to producing accurate & timely Cost Estimates / CAPEX Budgets.
  3. To allow attendee’s the capability to challenge, check & validate Estimates, Change Orders & Claims produced by Consultants, Engineering Companies & Contractors.

Partial List of Past Training Programs:

  • Schlumberger Oil Field UK PLC
  • BP Oil
  • Tenaga Power (Malaysia)
  • Confidential Pharmaceutical Company (North Carolina & Canada)
  • RS Means (over 100 training programs in USA)
  • Bacardi (Puerto Rico)
  • Tata Steel (India)
  • Shell Oil (Dominican Republic)
  • BNFL (UK)
  • Confidential Clients (Saudi Arabia)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • The University College of Estate Management – Reading University UK
  • Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACEI)
  • Center for Professional Advancement – CFPA (USA & the Netherlands)
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Learning Objectives:

  • Introductions & Seminar Goals

  • Estimating Terms and Applications / Scope of Work requirements

  • Estimate Types / Classifications & Required Engineering Deliverables needed

  • Understanding all of the estimate types, Order of Magnitude (OOM), Lang Factors, Ratio Factors, Major Equipment based estimates, Preliminary, Approval for Expenditure (AFE), Semi-Detailed & Detailed / Lump Sum / Turnkey Lump Sum (TKLS), details on the scope of work (SOW) / design / technical information / engineering deliverables required for each type of estimate, and the reliability limitations of each type will be discussed

  • Developing the Estimate Plan / Estimating Department Responsibilities / Quantity Take-Off Topics / Estimating Data Sources / The Site Visit / Benchmarking Methods / Historical Data Collection

  • Domestic & International Considerations

  • Estimating Detailed Design costs, Construction Management costs, Site Establishment / Preliminaries costs, Field In-Directs costs, Start-Up, Commissioning, Spare Parts & Contingency considerations

  • Warranty, Insurance, Maintenance Period, Performance Guarantees & Penalty Clauses

  • Sales Tax / Import Duties / Freight Costs

  • USA / Global Productivity Issues

  • Various Contracting approaches (Union / Non Union Issues, Direct Hire or Sub-Contracting)

  • Ensuring that all Scope of Work has been included in the final estimate

  • Defining the Estimating Basis, i.e. listing out the estimating assumptions, exclusions, productivity values used, labor cost build up, in-directs, currency exchange rates used etc

  • Establishing a Cost Estimating Department, COA / WBS, staffing requirements, work flow & current and future estimating tools

  • Understanding the estimating problems of revamp and mega CAPEX projects

  • Estimate Accuracy / The internal estimate review process

  • Validating the estimate

  • Presenting a Cost Estimate to Senior Management and getting approval

  • Understanding EPC Contractor vs. Owner different points of view and challenges

  • Updating and controlling the baseline estimate

  • Advancing the Cost Estimating profession, and much more



The seminars will be presented by John G. McConville CCP – Operation Director – Compass International John G. McConville, CCP. John has over thirty five years’ experience of Cost Estimating, Project Management, Valuations, Claims, Value Engineering, Project Controls, Procurement, Project Turnaround(s) and Consulting on a wide variety of major US & Global Construction industrial projects, valued between $20 million& $5 billion that were focused on: Refineries / Power Plants / Gas Plants / Infrastructure Projects / Airports / Ports / Railway / Mines / Chemical Facilities / Pharmaceutical & Bio Facilities / Offshore Production Facilities / Pipelines.

John is the author of (10) Cost Estimating & Procurement books, he has degrees in Construction Management & Economics, in addition he is a Certified Cost Professional (License # 1269) with the (AACEI) Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering.
Earlier in his career, John was the Cost Engineering Manager for Mobil Oil Corporation on the then largest Offshore Oil Production Platform in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, valued at $3.3 billion; he was also the Manger of Construction for Linde Gas Corporation. John has been directly responsible for the preparation of conceptual and detailed estimates for capital projects, domestic and international, ranging in value to over $7.5 Billion. John has presented more than 120 training seminars on estimating and project management to over 3,500 construction professionals in the USA, Venezuela, South Africa, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India and the UK:

Telephone (609) 577 4505 private email [email protected]
Feel free to contact him for details.

John G. McConville, CCP – Estimating Expert and Author of (10) Cost Estimating Books and other equally experienced world class instructors that are well versed on the subject of Cost Estimating.

Partial List of Compass International’s Previous Clients – we have trained 3,000 + Construction Professionals in (7) countries.

Tata Steel (India),The University College of Estate Management – Reading University UK, Shell Oil (Dominican Republic), BP Oil, Bacardi Limited (Puerto Rico), Center for Professional Advancement – CFPA (USA & The Netherlands),Confidential Clients (Saudi Arabia), British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL – UK), Association American Cost Engineers (AACEI), RS Means (Largest North American provider of Construction Cost Data – 100 + Seminars), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), US Navy – Naval Air Station – Patuxent River, American Association of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Richardson Engineering (Venezuela), US Social Security Administration, Center for Disease Control (CDC), North American Space Agency (NASA)

Target Audience:

These training seminars are designed for Estimators, Cost Engineers, Project Asset Teams, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Valuation Engineers, Planners, Project Control Staff, Construction Managers, Project Engineers, Proposal Managers, Tender Managers, Commercial Team Leaders, Senior Management, Decision Makers, Contract Administrators and Procurement Personnel. These training seminars will benefit individuals that desire a greater knowledge and understanding of the important function of Cost Estimating.

We can customize our seminars and place greater emphasis on the training needs and goals of each organization.


Pricing for web-based seminars start at $4,000 USD. Please call or email for specifics at 609-577-4505 or email [email protected]

For additional information please contact us.
John G. McConville, CCP 

Compass International
Operations Director
(609) 577 4505