AFRICA (African nations are set to see minimal GDP growth in 2020)

The coronavirus is now moving into parts of the world that may be the least prepared. Some countries in Africa lack the basic equipment or even trained health workers to respond to the challenge. As of the end of March, there are now more than 150,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus across the African continent, with many African countries now imposing a series of lockdowns, prevention and containment measures against the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Coronavirus is expected to get bigger in the next three months that will seriously impact and curtail the African construction sector. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has the potential for all future or current African construction projects to be delayed or worst case withdrawn.

The full extent of the economic impact of the Coronavirus on the various African countries has still to be appreciated, this could take another six months of research to be determined.

It appears that South Africa is now the epicenter of the African Coronavirus Pandemic. Other counties such as Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia & Kenya are forecast to be hard-hit & their construction sectors will struggle for the remainder of 2020. There are concerns that future lockdowns will bring considerable suffering for the Africa’s deprived citizen, who lack basic services, without regular employment & lacking basic medical facilities to fall back on.

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