SOUTH AMERICA (South America is predicted to see zero or negative GDP growth for 2020):

All across South America, countries are pronouncing new actions & protocols as the number of Coronavirus infections keeps ramping up.

South America has a number of countries that are least geared up in the world for a serious Pandemic like the Coronavirus. Some specific countries have less than 250 intensive care beds & a minimal number of respirators.

South America has numerous precarious population centers that will see the widespread of the Coronavirus in the coming next weeks, these countries include Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Uruguay, Venezuela & Paraguay.

South America – Brazil, Colombia, Chile & Argentina have started to shutdown / lockdown in the war against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Many countries in South America lack intensive care units / isolation wards or adequate numbers trained specialist healthcare workers & advanced medical equipment & supplies.

The jury is still out on the global economic impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic, possibly three months from now we will have a clearer understanding of how we get past this event & how it impacts the construction sectors of the South American countries.

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