Industrial / Commercial Construction Estimating Books

Construction Estimating Books

Every year, Compass International publishes seven annual books containing the most accurate, current, and up-to-date cost information applicable to 120+ countries. These books are used by some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies to help them quickly compile accurate and timely cost budgets and cost estimates, supported by “real” cost data, and can help you achieve the same.

To compile these books, Compass International’s team of professional estimators, economists, and engineers track the continuous changes of construction prices for materials, labor, and equipment. With these books, you will be well-resourced with accurate, current, and up-to-date construction estimating information to use towards Industrial and Commercial construction applications. Compass International’s annual publications stay well-informed of the international and domestic construction cost trends.

“Great Estimating Data References from Compass International – the Global Construction Costs Yearbook and the Front-End / Conceptual Estimating Yearbook – they are a great starting point, benchmark reference and guide particularly for down-stream & mid-stream process and commercial projects. I can’t imagine any cost estimator in those industries not wanting these books on their shelf”.

– John K. Hollmann PE CCP CEP DRMP, Owner & Principal Consultant of Validation Estimating, LLC

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2019 Global Construction Costs Yearbook

Compass International's 500+ page publication provides “current” detailed information on construction cost specific to 101 countries worldwide.

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2019 Front End Conceptual

2019 Front End/Conceptual Estimating Yearbook

The 2019 Front – End / Conceptual Estimating Yearbook is an indispensable tool for all construction professionals involved with the challenges of conceptual estimating and budgeting. This “breakthrough” complete estimating resource and guide provides up to date and easy to use estimating data that you will use on a frequent basis.

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2019 World Wide Industrial

2019 Worldwide Industrial / Commercial Construction Schedule of Rates Yearbook

The 2019 Worldwide Industrial / Commercial Construction Schedule of Rates Yearbook. This publication includes estimating data on the USA and 120+ countries / 700 cities.

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2019 Pipelines Mining & Offshore Cost Data Yearbook

Compass International’s Pipelines Mining & Offshore Cost Data Yearbook provides reliable / accurate early estimates of International Process Plants, Pipelines & Offshore related projects. This wide-ranging estimating database will be an invaluable tool for all construction professionals; it provides the reader with actual historical benchmarks of hard to find cost & material data.

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2019 International Hi-Tech/ Manufacturing/ Cleanroom Facilities Estimating Yearbook

Contains current cost data on Pharma / Bio, R&D Labs, Micro Chip & Food Facilities – Also has data on Class A type buildings such as Airports, Hotels & Offices.

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2019 International Procurement Yearbook

The 2019 International Procurement Yearbook is an “innovative” step forward for individuals involved with international construction purchasing, procurement and contracting.

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2019 Repair and Maintenence

2019 Global Industrial / Commercial Repair & Maintenance Construction Yearbook

Compass International’s 550+ page Global Industrial / Commercial Repair & Maintenance Construction Yearbook addresses construction costs for all facets of repairing & maintaining your industrial / commercial facility.

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