“Project Risk Quantification” – A book by John K. Hollmann

It has come to my attention that John K. Hollmann has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from AACE International and I want to offer him my congratulations. This news prompted me to take another look at his recent book “Project Risk Quantification” from www.decisions-books.com.

What I did not appreciate in my first review is that the parametric method described in the book is construction industry-generic (covering just about all construction sectors including Infrastructure projects).

Those individuals in the Infrastructure Sector (Highways, Bridges, Rail, Airports & Transportation Facilities) should make an effort to review in detail Chapter 15 of this book, this Chapter demonstrates how the model (excel version available for free from the Author) can be applied to Highways, Railroads, Airports and Transportation related projects. I will certainly refer to this book on “Project Risks” when I get involved with “Risk” related activities. As a fellow Author of Global Construction Cost Books, I know firsthand the research effort and time that went into producing this excellent reference book.

Once again, congrats to John K. Hollmann on this well-deserved award.

John G. McConville CCP

Operations Director – Compass International