CAPEX & OPEX Refinery Cost per Barrel a Day Benchmarks Total Installed Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) 2018 Cost Basis

The following table indicates a range of EPC Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Costs (OPEX) per barrel of production for various international refineries.

#Description$ Low Cost per barrel$ High Cost per barrel
CAPEX Costs for various greenfield & add on refineries
1S. E. Asia 125,000 b/d hydrocracker including ISBL & OSBL2270026700
2West Africa 225,000 b/d Greenfield ISBL / OSBL Refinery1850019700
3Middle East 250,000 b/d ISBL / OSBL Greenfield Refinery2410026800
4USA – Gulf Coast Gasoline / Diesel ISBL / OSBL 60,000 b/d Refinery1270015300
5Middle East 300,000 b/d ISBL / OSBL Greenfield Refinery2260026900
6USA – Gulf Coast Refinery ISBL / OSBL 50,000 b/d Refinery Add on to existing facility1320022200
OPEX Costs per Year for a 50,000 b/d refinery
7Management (7 to 10 Staff)8000001300000
8Operators (30 to 60 hourly)21000002700000
9Maintenance / Repairs13000002000000
10Catalysts / Chemicals10000001400000
11Other Costs (Utilities / Insurance / Office / Guards / Misc.)7000001500000
Total OPEX Costs per Year59000008900000
1250,000 b/d x 350 Production Days = 17.5 Million barrels / year1750000017500000


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