The following construction benchmarks are provided by Compass International as a reference source for Construction Professionals involved in producing or validating industrial type CAPEX estimates, such as Power Plants, Refineries and other Industrial facilities: This data has been collected, analyzed and conditioned from Compass International’s historical cost library.
Installation / Benchmark Man-hours for “Process” related Carbon Steel Pipe from recently completed Refinery / LNG / Chemical Projects located in US Gulf Coast (Texas):
New & Refurbished High Speed Rail Track costs per Mile / Km, Traffic Control Systems, Signals, Freight Siding Cost Metrics, Detailed Design & Construction Management / Inspection historical benchmarks.
Specifies the low range, high range & average cost per Square Foot & Square Meter for 20 USA & International locations
Compiled cost per square foot & square meter benchmark report on 25 # USA & International locations.
This cost model itemizes +/- 15% cost estimating data on the costs of constructing and or upgrading / revamping airport runways, taxiways and aircraft parking stands and ramps.
This cost benchmark report itemizes various Construction, Engineering & CM values for 17 # types of facilities.
Utilize our latest facility cost model for comparing construction costs around the world; you can download this and add it to your personal cost estimating library for your future use. Two Story College Add on with 16 Laboratory Work Areas.
Check out our latest pipelines benchmark data that will assist you in your future estimating efforts.
This comprehensive checklist will ensure that all scope items are captured. Check back regularly as we update these every few months!