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New & Refurbished High Speed Rail Track costs per Mile / Km, Traffic Control Systems, Signals, Freight Siding Cost Metrics, Detailed Design & Construction Management / Inspection historical benchmarks.
  New Rail Road Costs:$ Low Cost per Mile$ High Cost per Mile$ Low Cost per Km$ High Cost per Km     
High speed single track on new stone rail road stone bed159500018150009968751134375
High speed single track on existing stone rail road stone bed12650001485000790625928125
High speed double track on new stone rail road stone bed2310000264000014437501650000
High speed double track on existing stone rail road stone bed2200000253000013750001581250
Install a Centralized traffic control system - single track 247500302500154685189065
Install a Centralized traffic control system - double track 357500412500223450257825
Track Repairs / Improvements$ Low Cost per Mile$ High Cost per Mile$ Low Cost per Km$ High Cost per Km
25% replace timber railroad ties & stone220000330000137500206250
50% replace timber railroad ties & stone330000440000206250275000
75% replace timber railroad ties & stone440000550000275000343750
25% replace PCC railroad ties & stone275000385000171875240625
50% replace PCC railroad ties & stone385000495000240625309375
75% replace PCC railroad ties & stone495000605000309375378125
Chain link fencing 8' high(includes both sides)165000220000103125137500
Individual Items$ Low Cost $ High Cost
High speed turnout - Each605000848750
Freight / Passenger siding 1 to 2.5 miles in length - Each16500003425000
Signals - Each29508835
Crossing barrier / gate - Each1100022500
Road bed stone ballast 1" to 1.50" cost per ton (supply only) - Ton30.2542.25
Rail 100 pound LF (supply only) - Lin Ft33.1539.25
Pre-Cast Concrete (PCC) ties, 8'6" long x 15" wide x 10" deep -each (supply only) - Each185235
Timber rail road ties, pressured treated 8'6" x 8" x 6" (supply only) - each74.2598.25
Tie plates - each (supply only)10.7514.25
Track bolts - each (supply only)3.555.15
Rail spikes - each (supply only)1.0451.45
Rail stop - each (supply only)9501500
Resurface & re-align existing single line track - LF19.2528.25
Detailed Design and Construction Management FeesLow % High %
Detailed Design 0.05250.075
Construction Management and Inspection0.0350.0475
Owner Engineering / Oversight0.01250.0225
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