Global Food & Beverage Facility EPC Cost Benchmarks

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There are hundreds of food & beverage product types that are produced in these facilities around the world.  Great emphasis is placed on sanitation and the ability to wash down production and storage areas, production equipment and supporting services need to be dismantled, cleaned & re-installed on a regular basis.  This of course impacts the cost of construction, typically these facilities use sanitary stainless steel pipe & tri-clover pipe fittings so they can be readily dismantled & cleaned.  Expensive floor & wall finishes are also a factor to consider when estimating these types of facilities.  Beverage production can be either canned or bottled (plastic or glass), hot-filled or cold-filled.

This cost benchmark model details various Construction, Engineering & Construction Management values for 17 types of Food & Beverage facilities in the USA, Canada, UK, Mexico & Brazil.  Costs are provided for both new Greenfield / Grass Roots Projects & add on to an existing facility.

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