Truck Tire Manufacturing Facility (South East USA) – 2017 Cost Basis

This facility benchmark is for a greenfield Truck Tire Production facility. A number of new tire facilities & expansion projects are currently being constructed in the USA (the majority are located in TN, GA, NC & SC). This facility will produce 1.5 to 2 million tires per year when fully operational. Note (11), the manufacturing equipment below i.e. extruders, molders ovens etc, represents the largest cost conponent.

QuantityUoMTire Manufacturing Facility 750,000 to 1,000,000 square feet: 1 - 2 story (includes mezzanine floor) Floor to ceiling height 32'SF $M2 $Total Typical % Split    
2265120SFSite Works (52 Acres - 43,560 SF per Acre) Roads, Retention Ponds, Site Clearance & Fencing5.5259.395212503462.40.0523067609478
864000SFBuilding Enclosure External Wall - Precast panels siding on reinforced concrete frame84.22906.2072727660800.304408317465
46500SFMezzanine Floor (Concrete & Checker Plate Flooring)67.75728.9931503750.0131792224225
864000SFProduction / Manufacturing Equipment174.331875.79081506211200.630105699165
Total Facility & Site239041037.41
864000SFBuilding Footprint Cost per SF / M2 excluding Detailed Design & CM239041037.41
Div #Typical Work Breakdown
1General Conditions / Requirements - Preliminaries0.08
2Site Work (includes work under building & 10 feet / 3 meters outside building, excludes demolition, major site clearance, parking lots & utility related structures). 0.05
5Metals / Structural Steel 0.07
7Themal & Moisture Protection0.05
8Doors, Windows & Glass0.04
11Equipment - includes production / process equipment (Compounding, mixing, extruders, molders, conveyors, ovens, robots, tanks and all other minor equipment).1.7
13Special Construction0.02
14Conveying Systems / Dock Levellers0.05
15Mechanical - HVAC - Equipment Setting0.18
16Electrical / Instrumentation Work0.09
Total % %2.59
100A/E Activities & Fees as a % of construction cost (incldes Process Design, Architectural, Structural, E&I & PM services).9.221991775.4408
120CM / Procurement / Project Control / Inspection Activities & Fees as a % of construction cost4.610995887.7204
Facility Cost including Detailed Design & CM272028700.561
864000SFBuilding Footprint Cost per SF / M2 including Detailed Design & CM314.8480330573387.76483569272028700.561

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