The Global Construction Newsletter Q1 2023

We are pleased to announce our latest 2022 Estimating Database titled, The 2022 International Infrastructure/Public Works Construction Costs and Benchmark Yearbook. Our newest publication includes current and detailed civil construction cost estimation and benchmarking data for the USA and over 120 countries and 700 cities. If your facility is involved with estimating or budgeting international civil construction cost data that includes: 

  • Roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, transportation facilities, and airports 
  • Plant hire and construction equipment rates and temporary works or preliminaries
  • Demolition, site work, concrete (rebar and formwork), piling, paving, utilities, and more,

The cost database will provide you with the most up-to-date information about costs and historical benchmarks you will need for every type of Civil Construction or Public Works project. Below we share some of the highlights and offerings your facility can utilize with our extensive construction benchmarking data yearbook.  

Advantages of Purchasing The The 2022 International Infrastructure/Public Works Construction Costs and Benchmark Yearbook

This yearbook is a must-have resource and estimating tool for civil engineers, estimators, quantity surveyors, planners, project control professionals, project managers, construction managers, site-based staff, proposal leaders, and cost engineers. It includes over 10,000 labor, material, and construction equipment prices to ensure your facility always has up-to-date cost data that covers all facets of your infrastructure, public works, and civil construction projects. The yearbook is available for download in PDF format for up to ten users and is priced accordingly. 

Compass International provides comprehensive construction benchmarking data on the following topics: 

  • Highways Cost Benchmarks
  • Bridges Cost Benchmarks
  • Tunnels Cost Benchmarks
  • Railways Cost Benchmarks
  • Design Cost Benchmarks
  • Construction Management Cost Benchmarks
  • Location Factors and City Indexes
  • Taxes, VAT, B&O, and GST
  • Historical and Future Inflation Data
  • Preliminaries, General Conditions, Site Establishment, and Construction Equipment
  • Demolition, Site Works, Excavation, Piling, and Incoming Utilities
  • Concrete, Formwork, and Rebar
  • Precast Concrete and Structural Steel
  • Other Miscellaneous Civil Related Items
  • Numerous Civil Focused Historical Benchmarks and Cost Models

The data is conveniently listed by material, labor, and construction equipment costs so your facility can produce accurate and timely infrastructure, public works construction, and civil estimates. The data can be easily fine-tuned to provide appraisals in more than 120 countries. You will find the database advantageous when compiling conceptual or detailed proposals, budget estimates and hard money bids, or using the data to check and validate engineer and contractor estimates, claims, and change orders.

Why Should You Utilize Compass International’s Civil Construction Cost Estimation and Benchmarking Data?

At Compass International, Inc, we are a professional commercial construction cost estimating and consulting firm established. Established in 1992, we provide comprehensive services to owners, financial institutions, design professionals, and construction organizations across the globe. Our services include the publication of eight annual Industrial and Commercial construction cost data yearbooks, project and construction management, estimation reviews, audits, and validation services, as well as value engineering, strategic planning, and in-house training for up to 25 mid-senior level staff. If you would like to see how we can help your organization or learn more about our 2022 International Infrastructure/Public Works Construction Costs and Benchmark Yearbook, contact us.