Estimators / Cost Engineers / Quantity Surveyors Site Visit Checklist

1Site access / need for temporary road & the upkeep & eventual removal.
2Distance from train stations, airports check on local hotel availability & costs.
3Review any demolition / equipment relocation issues associated with the project.
4Obstructions / overhead issues that curtails use of cranes & large construction related items.
5Site features, sloping site / in a congested area, open field / flat wooded / need for cut & fill.
6Find out where stone quarry, engineered fill & hardcore can be obtained.
7Excavation requirements / Contaminated soil disposal.
8Rock excavation or high water table, is there a need for well point system?
9Offsite tip requirements / tip fees / distance to tip.
10Available utilities - will temporary water / gas / heat / electricity utilities be required?
11Need for construction permits.
12Need for concrete batch plant & concrete testing requirements.
13Material storage laydown areas.
14Site fabrication facilities.
15Temporary offices / toilets / change rooms / cleaning services.
16Site office computers, communications, copy machines, rental cars & foreman trucks.
17Site warehouses & locations.
18Temporary parking area requirements.
19Need for busing of workers to work area.
20Camps for workers & messing facilities.
21Temporary & permanent fencing.
22Security issues / guards / TWIX badges / card swipes.
23Safety equipment issues, nets, barricades, signs, hard hats, safety shoes, masks, ear plus, goggles, etc.
24Small tools / Consumables / Grease / Gas bottles / Scaffolding requirements.
25Working in existing plant / facility, need for “hot” work permits, need for breathing apparatus.
26Maintenance of construction equipment / fueling, greasing & associated costs.
27Plant hire / Construction Equipment / Mob – De-Mob Costs.
28Need for shut downs & tie in’s.
29Will any overtime, shift work be required.
30Is there a need for fire watch?
31What are the consequences of local B&O taxes, VAT, Sales Taxes / GST?
32Weekly & final site cleanup requirements, rental of skips.
33Winter working issues, snow removal, heated water for concrete, gas salamanders, need of tarpaulins.
34 Is alcohol / drug testing / worker background check needed?
35Welder testing / qualifications requirements.
36Will Union / Nonunion / Merit Shop labor be used?
37Productivity of the workforce, tight / confined workspaces.
38Use of offsite pipe fabrication & modules on project.
39Current market conditions, is there a lot of construction activity in area? Availability of skilled workers?
40Need for per diem to attract labor to jobsite.
41Need of weather protection clothing.
42Protection of the completed work.
43Interview Chamber of Business, Local Unions, Sub Contractors, Local suppliers & plant hire companies on current business climate.
44Obtain names & addressee of local hospitals, doctors, banks, law firms, engineering & testing firms.
45Obtain local phone book / yellow pages for future reference.

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