2023 International Procurement Database

The 2023 International Procurement Database is an “innovative” step forward for individuals involved with international construction purchasing, procurement and contracting.

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The 2023 International Procurement Database is an “innovative” step forward for individuals involved with international construction purchasing, material management, and construction procurement / contracting. This detailed database is specifically focused on the following important topics: This up-to-date and trusted Purchasing / Procurement / benchmarking reference book is a valuable tool to all Purchasing Agents, Buyers, Cost Estimators, Quantity Surveyors & Project Managers involved with the purchasing of construction components and related construction services. The database contains comprehensive procurement information on 125 Countries

  • Global Procurement / Materials Management Issues and Challenges
  • General Global Construction Procurement Topics (Project Execution, Life Cycle Costs & Front End Planning)
  • RFQ’s, Procurement Planning, Purchasing / Procurement and Contracting Methods Purchase Orders and Contracts
  • Procurement Department Organization Roles and Responsibilities
  • Various Contract Types, Lump Sum, Design-Build, Negotiated, Unit Price and Guaranteed Max
  • Invitation to Bid / Instructions to Bidders / Bid Package Documentation / Bid Opening
  • Organizational Issues / Procurement Roles and Responsibilities
  • Contract Administration, Change Orders, and RFI’s, Shop Drawings, Submittals & Product Data
  • Quality Control (QC/QA), Safety, Inspection, Expediting and Transportation Activities
  • International Procurement / Contract Issues / Overseas Business Practices / Metric Considerations
  • Procurement benchmarks / Numerous Purchasing Domestic & Global Checklists
  • Samples of International and USA Construction / Consulting Contracts
  • Country Procurement Data: Detailed information on 125 Countries Afghanistan – Zambia (this includes a brief country specific write up, a map of the country, 2021 GDP, 2021 Inflation forecast, VAT / GST, Exchange Rates, Electricity service, Telephone Country Code, Professional Staff / Procurement Agent hourly rates, Skilled Worker hourly rate, Unskilled Worker hourly rate, Productivity norms, Location Factor, Local Bulk material Factor & Major Seaports.
  • International Freight Costs / Glossary of International Procurement Terms
  • Sample Purchasing Forms (P.O. form, Requisition Report, Bid Summary / Evaluation Sheet and Expediting Report.

The 2023 International Procurement Database is relevant and advantageous to all types of international industrial / commercial construction projects: such as:

  • Refineries, Chemical & Power Plants Steel Mills, LNG / Gas Facilities
  • Airports, Food & Beverage Production Plants
  • Manufacturing Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools & High Rise Building
  • Commercial Construction (housing, apartments, repair and remodeling projects)
  • Highways Mining Operations, Power Plants, Pipelines & Offshore Facilities
  • Administration Offices, Public Buildings Civil Projects and Warehouses / Logistics Facilities

About the Firm

Section 1


  • Trends and issues we will see in 2021 and beyond
  • Procurement / Project Delivery Methods and Issues
  • Recent History and the influence of World Events on Engineering and Construction Costs in the last couple of decades
  • Project Execution
  • Conventional approach: / Concurrent / Overlapping approach / Fast track approach
  • Various Types of Construction Projects: How do Purchase Orders vary from Contracts – Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • List of Data / Engineering Deliverables supplied to Vendor to obtain fixed price quote
  • The Importance of Front End Planning
  • Defining the Project and the CAPEX Project Life Cycle Process
  • Project Team and Selection of Professional Services
  • Global Construction Procurement Purchasing / Contracting Challenges to be faced in the next couple of decades and beyond

Section 2


  • Facility Procurement Steps
  • Specifications
  • The Buy Out / Procurement Procedure
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contracts
  • Request for proposals (RFP)
  • The General Purchasing / Procurement Planning Process
  • Fundamentals of the Purchasing / Procurement / Contracting Plan
  • Establishing Potential Bidders List / Pre-Qualify Bidders and Recommend list of
  • Pre-approved EPC, A/E, CM firms, contractors and vendors
  • Prepare Invitation to Bid Packages, Purchase Orders, and Contracts / Sub-Contracts etc.
  • Evaluation and Award of Purchase Orders Construction Contracts / Sub-Contracts / Service Contracts
  • Purchase Order / Construction Contract Administration
  • The Materials / Equipment Procurement / Purchasing Responsibility Matrix
  • Planning for Commodities – Bulk / Prefabricated / Consumable Materials
  • Major Equipment (Process – Production Equipment) Planning
  • Front End Quality Planning
  • Instituting a Quality Control Plan
  • Setting up and establishing an Inspection / expediting plan
  • Some major issues to keep in mind regarding Purchasing / Procurement and Contracting

Section 3


  • Purchase Orders vs. Contracts
  • The Project Team / Organization
  • Home Office Procurement Group
  • The Four Step Purchasing – Procurement – Contracting process
  • Purchasing – Procurement – Contracting. Job descriptions
  • Purchasing – Procurement – Contracting Strategies
  • Proposals / Bids / Request for Proposals (RFP) / Tender Evaluations
  • Conclusion / Purchasing – Procurement – Contracting Tips

Section 4


  • General standards / specifications
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Basic Steps
  • Submittals, Product Data and Shop Drawing
  • Issue and Approval of Shop Drawings and Samples
  • The shop drawing / submittals approval cycle
  • Expediting Checklist
  • Transportation Issues

Section 5


  • Five fundamental contract types
  • Fixed Price / Hard Money / Competitively Bid
  • Negotiated
  • Design-Build
  • Reimbursable Contracts / Cost-Plus / Pass through Contract
  • Schedule of Rates / Unit Price Contract
  • Request to bid letter / Request for proposal cover letter
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Instructions to bidders
  • Bid opening / Analysis / Recommendation
  • International Construction Contracts
  • Sample contracts
  • Sample Design / Build Agreement related to Manufacturing Facility Expansion
  • Re-cap of main items

Section 6


  • Globalization
  • Checklist of issues when working in an overseas country
  • Overseas Business Practices
  • Import Permits / Government Procedures
  • Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Metric Considerations
  • Language Differences
  • Special Considerations for Working in Developing Countries
  • Final Thoughts on International Procurement

Section 7


Section 8


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