Floating Production Storage & Offloading Facility (FPSO – New Build)

Floating-Production-Storage-Offloading-FacilityA Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit is a floating vessel used by the offshore oil & gas companies for the production & processing of oil & gas.  FPSO’s are utilized in difficult offshore regions as they are easy to install, and do not require a local pipeline infrastructure to transport the oil & gas.  FPSO’s can be an adaptation of an existing oil tanker or can be a purpose built new vessel.  Currently there is more than 290 FPSO’s operating around the world.

This particular cost model provides detailed line item cost data on an actual 180,000 ton FPSO, which was engineered and fabricated in S.E. Asia and towed to its production location in offshore West Africa.  The cost per ton range (Low) is $12,034; the cost per ton range (High) is $20,307.  This cost model provides detailed cost metrics on detailed design, hull fabrication, production equipment, modules, gas storage tanks, loading arm, ocean tow, field installation & final hook-up activities.

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