2020 Forecast of Construction (Labor & Materials) Inflation & Construction Productivity in the 20 leading economies:

The following is our latest forecast of construction inflation & construction productivity related to the following countries. Note: Construction productivity is based on historical benchmark data from a number of new Industrial / Manufacturing Facilities. The construction productivity is expressed & based on skilled & unskilled construction hours for work performed in the USA on new projects valued between $10 & $150 million. The US benchmark value is based on a work effort of 100 construction man-hours to perform a specific construction work task.

High Tech Clean Rooms

2019 Pharmaceutical / Biological Facility Cleanroom Cost Data Benchmarks

Take advantage of our latest Pharmaceutical / Biologicals Cleanroom square foot cost benchmark values that we have researched and collected from more than (6) recently constructed facilities located in North America


Estimators / Cost Engineers / Quantity Surveyor’s Site Visit Checklist

This checklist is applicable to all types of construction facilities, New (Greenfield) / Retrofit (Brownfield) / Upgrade / Debottlenecking / Add-on Location of facility (USA or Overseas).


2019 Construction Inflation Rates & Skilled Construction worker hourly Bill out Rate for the top 15 Major Countries:

The following is our latest forecast of 2019 Construction (Labor & Materials) Inflation Rates & Skilled Construction hourly bill out hourly rates:

oil & gas industry benchmark 1

Oil & Gas Industry Benchmark # 1 Petro-Chemical & Gas Facilities - Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Benchmarking Data: (Data collected from 12 completed EPC projects in USA & Canada)

Typical Benchmark Percentages & Cost Ranges related to North American Petro-Chemical, Industrial & Gas Facilities. Applicable to New & Revamp CAPEX / Facility Projects with a Total Installed Cost (TIC) value between $10 million & $150 million.

CAPEX & OPEX download

CAPEX & OPEX Refinery Cost per Barrel a Day Benchmarks Total Installed Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) 2018 Cost Basis

The following table indicates a range of EPC Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Costs (OPEX) per barrel of production for various international refineries.

Truck Tire Manufacturing

Truck Tire Manufacturing Facility (South East USA) - 2017 Cost Basis:

This facility benchmark is for a greenfield Truck Tire Production facility. A number of new tire facilities & expansion projects are currently being constructed in the USA (the majority are located in TN, GA, NC & SC). This facility will produce 1.5 to 2 million tires per year when fully operational. Note (11), the manufacturing equipment below i.e. extruders, molders ovens etc, represents the largest cost conponent.

Industrial Construction Facility Benchmarks

Various Industrial Construction Facility Benchmarks:

The following construction benchmarks are provided by Compass International as a reference source for Construction Professionals involved in producing or validating industrial type CAPEX estimates, such as Power Plants, Refineries and other Industrial facilities: This data has been collected, analyzed and conditioned from Compass International’s historical cost library.

Battery Limits Report

Inside Battery Limits Man-Hour Report:

Installation / Benchmark Man-hours for “Process” related Carbon Steel Pipe from recently completed Refinery / LNG / Chemical Projects located in US Gulf Coast (Texas):

Railroad Engineering Benchmarks

Railroad Engineering & Construction Cost Benchmarks USA Location - 2017 Cost Basis:

New & Refurbished High Speed Rail Track costs per Mile / Km, Traffic Control Systems, Signals, Freight Siding Cost Metrics, Detailed Design & Construction Management / Inspection historical benchmarks.

International Warehouse Costs

International Warehouse / Logistics Center Costs:

Specifies the low range, high range & average cost per Square Foot & Square Meter for 20 USA & International locations

International 2 to 3 Star Hotel

International 2 to 3 Star Hotel Construction

Compiled cost per square foot & square meter benchmark report on 25 # USA & International locations.

International Warehouse Costs

US Regional Airport Cost Model Benchmarks

This cost model itemizes +/- 15% cost estimating data on the costs of constructing and or upgrading / revamping airport runways, taxiways and aircraft parking stands and ramps.

Food & Beverage download

Global Food & Beverage Facility EPC Cost Benchmarks

This cost benchmark report itemizes various Construction, Engineering & CM values for 17 # types of facilities.

Location factors for 2-story college add on project

Location Factors for Two Story College Add On Project

Utilize our latest facility cost model for comparing construction costs around the world; you can download this and add it to your personal cost estimating library for your future use. Two Story College Add on with 16 Laboratory Work Areas.

Pipeline costs associated with 217 mile pipeline in Mexico

Overland Pipeline Cost associated with 217 mile pipeline located in Mexico

Check out our latest pipelines benchmark data that will assist you in your future estimating efforts.

Checklist for preliminary cost estimate download


This comprehensive checklist will ensure that all scope items are captured. Check back regularly as we update these every few months!

Download of detailed cost estimate checklist


This estimate summary covers all the main construction categories.

Preliminary & Detailed Cost Estimate Checklist download


This real-world cost data format will help you in your estimating efforts. Check back regularly as we update these every few months!

Floating production storage & offloading facility

Floating Production Storage & Offloading Facility (FPSO – New Build)

Final Production Location Offshore West Africa. Fabricated in South East Asia – Towed to West Africa. A great benchmark tool for checking various costs per ton.