10 Ways to Improve Construction Labor Productivity:

Improving construction productivity can result in significant construction cost savings and result in earlier delivery of construction projects.

There are numerous issues that impact construction labor performance and the related added cost of extended field in-directs. This article touches on some of the main issues that negatively impact Construction Labor Productivity. If these issues can be resolved, then there is a good chance that Construction Productivity can be improved.

The following listing are some of the leading issues that can many times negatively influence Construction Labor Productivity:

  1. Absence of Project Management / Construction Management guidance, communications and enthusiasm, together with lack of front end construction 7 and 30 day completion plan goals.
  2. Insufficient allocated construction man-hours in “baseline” estimate, that fails to recognize specific difficult / challenging work areas and the subsequent field in-direct requirements.
  3. Inadequate number of field supervisors, foremen, charge hands and gangers to adequately direct the field construction work force.
  4. Working in “Classified / Hazardous Restricted Work Zones” requiring worker protection, masks, booties, gowns, eye protection and specific safety monitors.
  5. Restricted access to site / work areas and lack of temporary lifts / elevators and hoists, blocked off / limited use of stairways, lack of scaffolding, cramped / tight working conditions, resulting in limited use of construction equipment.
  6. Performing construction activities in a facilities ongoing production / operating area, low productivity typically results from waiting for permits, hot tap authorizations and the like.
  7. Lack of qualified workers, construction labor turnover and worker absenteeism.
  8. Extreme weather conditions such as high and low temperatures that impacts worker performance.
  9. Excessive change orders / variation orders that results in working out of sequence and diverting vital construction resources.
  10. Widely spread out work areas that requires dedicated transport / busing for the construction workers to their work area each morning ad when they finish, this can lead to waiting time and logistic difficulties related to waiting for materials from specific laydown areas and the construction workers walking or needing to be conveyed to change rooms and lunch tents.

If some of these issues can be addressed then there is a good possibility that Construction Productivity can be improved.

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