2019 Pipelines Mining & Offshore Cost Data Yearbook


Compass International’s Pipelines Mining & Offshore Cost Data Yearbook provides reliable / accurate early estimates of International Process Plants, Pipelines & Offshore related projects. This wide-ranging estimating database will be an invaluable tool for all construction professionals; it provides the reader with actual historical benchmarks of hard to find cost & material data.

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Sample Data
The 2019 Worldwide Industrial / Commercial Construction Schedule of Rates Yearbook: This publication includes estimating data on the USA and 120+ countries & 700 worldwide cities this trusted cost data is applicable to industrial, process, power, high technology, commercial, and civil facilities and includes numerous facility cost models. This is a fast, accurate and reliable estimating tool that includes both metric and U.S. units of cost. Backed by 30+ years of international data collection, you can be sure that you’re bid will be accurate. Save estimating time and money, this book has all the answers and data you need, take it with you to the job site and get the estimates, change orders and budgets finalized. This is a fast, accurate and reliable estimating tool that includes both metric and U.S. units of cost. It is backed by 30+ years of international cost data collection, you can be sure that your estimate / bid will be accurate. This valuable reference source contains the following (18) Construction Specifications:
  1. General Requirements / General Conditions / Preliminaries Division 1
  2. Site Construction
  3. Concrete Work (Excavation, Rebar, Formwork Concrete)
  4. Masonry / Brickwork
  5. Metals / Structural Steel / Platforms
  6. Framing, Wood and Plastics
  7. Thermal and Moisture Protection / Roofing
  8. Doors and Windows
  9. Finishes (Internal walls / ceilings etc.)
  10. Specialties
  11. Equipment
  12. Furnishings
  13. Special Construction
  14. Conveying Systems / Elevators
  15. Mechanical (Process Piping, Utilities, Plumbing, HVAC etc.)
  16. Electrical / Instrumentation / Controls
  17. Process Equipment / Major Equipment, (cost of equipment and setting)
  18. 100’s of Location Factors, Architectural, Engineering, Construction & Engineering Cost Benchmarks and Historical Cost Close Out Reports
This one of a kind , indispensable cost estimating tool allows Cost Estimators, Quantity Surveyors Planners, Facility Managers, Engineers, Architects & Project Managers to estimate / budget construction projects in more than 120 counties.



  • Introduction, General Comments and Calibration Factors:
  • includes the following:
  • Location (Calibration) Factors – International values compared to USA Gulf Coast. (Base of 1.00). Calibrations in this application are used to adjust the benchmark prices depicted in the following SECTIONs (1 thru 700).
  • 25 # Country Calibration Factors.
  • General Conversion Values – Imperial to Metric Units.
  • Import Duties General Sales Tax / Value. Added Tax / Consumption Tax.
  • Detailed Design / Engineering / Architectural and CM Fees 51 # Facility Types.
  • Union Labor Costs / Inflation Cost Indexes.
  • USA and Canada State & Province Sales Tax / GST.

10 SECTION 10:

Major Equipment / Production Equipment

20 SECTION 20:

Site, Civil, Piling, Concrete, Masonry and Buildings

30 SECTION 30:

Structural Steel

40 SECTION 40:

Piping / (ISBL and OSBL)

50 SECTION 50:

Electrical and Instrumentation

60 SECTION 60:


70 SECTION 70:

Painting and Coatings

80 SECTION 80:


90 SECTION 90:


100 SECTION 100:

Construction Equipment / Plant Hire

110 SECTION 110:

Domestic and International Freight

120 SECTION 120:

Offshore Data

130 SECTION 130:

Pipelines (Onshore and Offshore)

140 SECTION 140:

Module Cost and Man hour Benchmarks

150 SECTION 150:

Wind Turbines (Onshore and Offshore) Benchmarks

160 SECTION 160:

Mining Benchmarks

200 SECTION 200:

Home Office Engineering and Support Costs

300 SECTION 300:

Construction Management Cost Data

400 SECTION 400:

Temporary Site Facilities

500 SECTION 500:

All-in hourly labor rates

600 SECTION 600:

Insurance Data

700 SECTION 700:

Miscellaneous items, Bonds, Spare Parts, Camp Costs, Construction Consumables, Start up issues, Transmission Line Benchmarks and Camp Costs.

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