Global Construction Newsletter: July to September 2019

Click on a country / region to view the local construction news   Uncertain, encouraging, scary, optimistic, negative, positive & challenging are some of the words tossed around to describe the construction outlook in many countries around the world as we move further into 2019. The positive words for the most part, apply to India,  … Read more

2019 Pharmaceutical / Biological Facility Cleanroom Cost Data Benchmarks

ISO 6-Class 1,000, ISO 7-Class 10,000, ISO 8-Class 100,000 Cleanrooms & Wall Systems for Modularized and Stick-Built (Built on Site) applications: Costs are based on US applications: Appropriate for Pharmaceutical & Bio Facilities, R&D Laboratories & Buildings, Computer Chip Manufacturing, Medical Device / Packaging Facilities, Nano Production Facilities & Hi-Tech Type Facilities. Clean rooms costs  … Read more